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Artist - Handling Commissions and Pricing Work


Sometimes the commissions can pile up and I forget to create art that I want to create.

I'm always grateful to recieve commission work but when I bring my own original ideas to life, the art is a little more special. Infact, most of the time it is even easier to create.

When I first began to sell my art, I would accept any project that came my way. Most of the time I would even under charge!

Under charging for work, is a very bad habbit to get into. First, an artist needs to have a good idea of what their art is actually worth. The easiest way I have found to do this, is by compairing my art to other artist that have a similar style and skill level. Use their price to guage what your art is worth.

Having a true understanding of your own skill level is essential to this tactic.

Once you have begun to sell art, adjust your prices accordingly. If you are not selling any art, assess the situation and figure out what needs to change. In my experience, this can be a little more tricky. Maybe your subject matter or medium is not the best choice for your location/area. Maybe the shows you are attending are not a good reflection of your art. For example, if you are selling more expensive fine art at a small craft show, you may not sell any work. This could mean your pricing is correct, but you maybe trying to sell to the wrong crowd. 

If you are over loaded with work and inquiries, you may want to consider raising your prices. This will allow you to sell your art for its true value, and this will make it easier for you to be selective regarding whom you work with.

Turning people away can be done without you or the customer feeling uncomfortable. This just takes practice. If someone is requesting art for a less than desirable price, you shouldn't make them feel like they cannot afford you, even if the truely can't. Simply tell them what your price is. If you have done this and they are still insisting that you make it for a lower price, simply refer them to another artist that needs the work. This allows you to stay true to your value while giving the prospect a possible solution to their inquirey.


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