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     Jubilee was a very in-depth piece, that took many hours to complete. Zentangle is the main technique used. I began this piece for a couple, living in Gulf Shores Alabama. This couple was moving into a new home and wanted a "conversation starter" made for their living area. I was only required to incorporate the blue color shown to me in a picture displaying a blue crab. I used this picture for reference and inspiration while creating Jubilee.


     I began with a rough sketch, as always, to get approval on the design. I decided to go big to catch one's attention right away. The blue contrasting against the other dark colors help make this art piece stand out right away. The drawing was created then transferred to the wood using graphite paper. All of the line work and shading are done before moving on. Once the wood-burning is complete I draw out boards appearing to be behind the crab. I took a razor blade and cut over all of the lines I drew for the background.



Cutting the lines helps prevent the various stains from mixing into one another when they are applied.

     I selected stains that matched their new home. The main color used was espresso.

     Once the outlines are cut, the background is stained. This creates the illusion that the background is many pieces of wood, carefully fitted together. 

     After the wood stains are dried, various colors of chalk pastels are layered onto the claws and legs to reach the desired color show in the reference photo given to me.


      Jubilee was decided for the name because of the natural phenomenon that occurs sporadically on the shores of Mobile Bay. A Jubilee results in swarms of different fish, crab, and shrimp in shallow waters.

     With the help from my photographer Olivia Peck, I was able to capture the execution of each step during the creative process. 

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