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Earlier this month, a friend whom I use to work with, contacted me for a custom art piece. To top it off, I was given creative freedom to do as I pleased. The client had only one stipulation; The piece needed to be moon themed.


I sketched up some ideas, and picked my favorite one. I messaged the buyer and awaited confirmation. In the message I explained my idea and approach for the artwork and she loved it.

While looking for moon reference photos online, I came across pictures of nebulae taken by NASA. I was blown away by the beauty of the cosmic gas clouds and stars. I had to incorporate this into my work, even though I knew how challenging this would be. 


Photo captured by NASA

"Pillars of Creation" https://spaceplace.nasa.gov/nebula/en/ 

The thought of ruining this burning made me very nervous but I had to try, so I decided to look on youtube for galaxy art created with copic markers. After watching a few videos I knew how I was going to make this happen.


After the burning was complete, I purchased the colors for the nebula background. I ended up using 8 different copic markers to complete Luna.


I used a new technique to create organic shapes and stars. In one of the youtube videos I came across, an artist took colorless copic ink, applied it to a fan paint brush, and then dripped/dabbed the ink onto the various colors. This created a natural looking pattern that I used for the galaxy-like background.


Luna took 53+ hours to complete and the buyer absolutely loved it





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