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Kindled Arts

Starting Kindled Arts


Visual arts has changed drastically ever since the dawn of the digital age. Right out of high school I went to college for computer animation in Orlando, Fl. I am not sure what I was thinking but I expected to be working on the computer a lot less. I mean, who would've known COMPUTER animation would've mainly been on the COMPUTER? 

Anyways, shortly after starting school, I dropped out and moved back home to Pensacola, Fl. Other than art, cooking was all I've known, and now I had student loan payments to worry about. So it was back to the restaurant industry. 

Turning Point

A couple years go by. At this point I am ready to move on to the next chapter... "but what is that?" I thought. I was always intrigued by the idea of owning my own business. I always pictured it being a restaurant or catering service, but I was looking for something different now.


At the time I was taking a supplement that was helping me with my digestion. My good friend, whom introduced me to it, explained to me that I could make money by being a representative. The idea of working for myself was intoxicating. So I did this for a year, never making serious cash, but it was enough to get me by and I was learning so much. These lessons I learned, could be applied to anything I did, including relationships, money, and just life in general. 

I came to a realization, that time was just as valuable, if not more valuable, than money. I was tired of trading my time for a paycheck, and decided from then onward, if I did something it was because I wanted to. I chose to be on my own time. There had to be a way to make a living without being miserable 7 days a week.

The Man

A really good friend of mine was opening his own restaurant at the time of my "realization." and he asked me to take part. At first I refused because I never wanted to work for "The Man" again. I didn't have a boss to answer to in the last two years. However he was asking as a friend, and really needed good help to begin his venture. This was his dream, and I decided to help make it a reality. So back to kitchens it was. This time it was different though. I wasn't just observing a kitchen and dining area. I was seeing a business being built from the ground up. I saw the choices a business owner makes. I saw how rewarding it potentially was to own a business, and how stressful it was... I was soaking in everything I was learning. A little over a year later I felt it was time to move on. I played my part, and in the process I learned what mindset, dedication, and sacrifices need to be made to reach ones dream. I just need to figure out what my dream is.


Finding Myself

Over the years I produced a little art here and there; Never fully passionate about being an artist. I recognized that I had skills when it came to drawing, but for some reason it always felt like a chore. Something was different now... All I waned to do was create. Whether it was drawing, making music, or cooking food in my kitchen. What was once a chore, was now one of my only desires. 

I still had my Facebook page I started in high school, Pyrography by Aaron. It sounded a little egotistical, so I renamed it Kindled Arts because of the definition "light or set on fire." This would be the beginning of my own business venture. As the orders came and went, I noticed woodburning was more of a niche. The market is a lot smaller compared to other art forms and practices. I was making a living but I knew I was limiting my income and artistic potential. Something needed to change, and I couldn't walk away from what I started. 

After starting Kindled Arts, my desire to be around other artist grew larger and larger. I had become a cliche. I was the the hermit artist, always cooped up in a room working on something. "If only others worked with me under the name Kindled Arts..." that is when it hit me. Kindled Arts would be much more than myself or Pyrography. I dream of it becoming a collective, of various artist and styles kindled together. Yes, that is what Kindled Arts is to become. 


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