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Kindled Arts

Creative Nature

Artist are a breed of their own, varying in personalities, cultures, and abilities. An artist is someone who expresses or practices any type of creative arts. Many people that do not claim to be artist, actually are.


A Sous Chef plating a beautifully executed cucumber salad

There are many who assume that artist are only musicians and visual artist. These professions are just associated with the label, "Artist" because of very well know medium and practices, A chef is a very great example of an artist. Even though this is a common profession, some may not consider a chef to be an artist. However, this could not be further from the truth. Creative activity is what art truly is. It is a specific mind set and desire to create.

To many artist, it is clear early on what they are, because they practiced an art form shown to them. Other individuals may not have yet discovered their artistic potential, and many art forms are awaiting to be discovered. We are all artist and creators in some fashion. It is our creative nature.


A refreshing cocktail, created by cocktail alchemist Gary Bergmann.

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