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I Love You kNot


I Love You kNot was inspired by a drawing I created for a girl I had fallen for a few years ago. We both were equally obsessed with cephalopods as we were each other. I came across the drawing which I still admired, but after learning more about octopus and their behavior, the drawing had a completely different meaning for myself. The fact that I saw the drawing different really fascinated me. Nothing had visually changed, but my interpretation had.


Octopus in reality are anti-social creatures. They hardly ever come in contact with their own species, but on some of these rare occassions, there is a high chance of sexual-cannibalism. The female is often larger, and therefor more hungry. The male has to be very strategic when it comes to successfully mating. This could mean carefully reaching a specific arm that allows him to reproduce, or waiting for the right moment. Males sometimes will try to mate without trying to be detected.

I had always imagined two mating octopus being a dramatically beautiful thing, almost romantic. Now I see my drawing as a representation of two beautiful creatures fighting. I decided to recreate the drawing into a new, and much larger illustration that I left open for interpretation. After 58 hours put into this creation, I Love You kNot is finally complete. This piece is a reminder of perception, beauty, and duality.

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