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DIY - Framing



If you create a lot of traditional art, you may want to consider framing yourself, if you have the tools around. Some people, just simply don't have the time to.

I've always kind of been a "DIY guy" and I also love learning new things, so I decided to start framing on my own. Going to the frame shop can get pricey very quick, however you will leave with professional work 99% of the time.

Framing can take some time to perfect, but if you believe in investing in yourself, this may be another valuable skill to acquire as an artist or craftsman.

When I was burning art onto plywood, it was a little more difficult when framing. Now that I practice pyrography on paper, I find it much more simple of a process. Especially when it come to matting and mounting artwork. Over two years both my artistic style and framing technique have improved.


Two of the newest tools I've acquired are used in these videos. If you are looking to add new tools to your collection, I would definitely recommend them.

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