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Pyrography - Circle of Life

Circle of Life


Circle of Life was the first project I ever decided to use copic markers on. For the most part, my art has been neutral tones over the last decade. I'm not sure why but I remember always having a fear of using color in my work. Maybe its the idea of ruining my art or not being very knowledgeable all together about color. Regardless, I like to break out of my artistic comfort zone often. So I used this art piece to experiment. Overall, I was pleased with the results but honestly, Circle of Life did not go according to plan.



I learned very quick that copic inks love to travel across the wood grain. Luckily, since I was burning on wood, I was able to scrape away any ink in unwanted areas using a knife.

Cutting the wood with a hobby knife, or using the edge of a burning tool to slice into the wood, can act as a barrier to ink and stains that may "run" with the grain of the wood.

Roughly a year later, I began to burn on water color paper. Using copic ink to black out the background will just make a burning pop right off the page. I would say, doing so is a direct result of this project.

In my opinion, the lesson here is to not over think or be fearful to begin an art piece. For that matter, don't be fearful to start creating art all together if you don't already. Happy burning

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