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Pyrography - Giant Stride

Giant Stride

When sketching ideas for this art piece, I knew I wanted the subject to be an old school diver. I love drawing old school diving helmets. They are just so unique.

Like most projects, I like to incorporate a new idea or use techniques that I need to improve on. My focus this time was composition.


In visual arts, composition is the arrangement of visual elements.


When I was younger I would obsess with the details of art. I thought since I was good at detail, then I was a good artist. In my opinion this is far from truth. There is so much more to it, such as:








I still catch myself getting caught up in the details when I haven't even completed a rough sketch. "The devil is in the details" I constantly remind myself. Details should be one of the final touches to your art. Don't put the cart before the horse, and be conscious and wary of bad artistic habits. Once they are learned, they are hard to break. 


I have much to learn but I think I am improving on composition. When someone is looking at Giant Stride, the eyes should flow with ease from one thing to the next. It is possible to direct the viewer's eyes. Its just a matter of practice

Happy Burning

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